When can something call itself a masterpiece? In our opinion it is when it reflects three of its creator’s developmental steps. Firstly there is the acquisition of a deep understanding of craftsmanship – an understanding of materials, techniques and their application. All of this opens the door to what ex- tends beyond the familiar and to the courage to allow thoughts to stray from well-trodden paths. Only then can something masterful be created – visions that have acquired a physical form and which fascinate, irritate, inspire but yet remain in our consciousness. These are what we call masterpieces.


A deep fascination with design, a passion for craftsmanship and a never-ending search for innovation: everything reflected in the masterpieces which emerge from the Studio Benkert also characterises the corporate philosophy of Benkert Bänke. Altershausen, near Königsberg deep in the countryside of Northern Bavaria, has been the birth-place of extraordinary open air furniture for more than thirty years – furniture which, inspired by a continuous exchange of ideas with renowned architects and creative artists, satisfy not only a functional purpose but also meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements. The Benkert headquarters, with its integrated design and production department embodying a further visible sign of this blend of the functional and the aesthetic, first saw the light of day on Mario Botta’s drawing board. To date our building is this superlative Swiss architect’s first venture into designing a manufacturing facility and he has nevertheless succeeded in creating a perfect symbiosis of nature and architecture.


Every masterpiece becomes a unique piece through the manual skills lavished on it: the path from the first sketch to the finished sculpture is marked by a lengthy series of individual steps which range from the time-consuming and elaborate welding and grinding of the individual stainless steel components to polishing and, finally, premium-grade lacquering by hand. All of this is achieved not by automated processes but with the care, tranquillity and dedicated craftsmanship which a masterpiece demands.


YOUR EXPERIENCE For us, it is only logical to display what is truly extraordinary in an environment which transcends the boundaries of familiarity.

AT OUR PLACE If you wish, you can therefore view our masterpieces at their place of origin and during their production – at our company headquarters in Altershausen near Königsberg in Bavaria. Designed by a master of his trade, the exceptional Swiss architect Mario Botta. Why not combine your visit to us with a short trip to the world cultural heritage city of Bamberg? We are happy to provide you with a few tips.

NEAR YOUR PLACE Our objects can also be seen in a travelling exhibition. Sign up for our newsletter and find out when and where you can experience our masterpieces in your area.

AT YOUR PLACE We can also provide you with an AR app which enables you to position the sculptures digitally any- where you wish and let them work their magic on you.